About Us:

InsectSense is a technological start-up that explores the possibilities of using insect-behaviour and its underlying molecular biology, to provide relevant solutions in the fields of disease diagnostics, VOC detection in environment, food and security systems, as well as in the fields of Research & Development.

The potential of applying insect-behaviour as solutions in all these fields is well-documented. A plethora of researches have justified the incredible potential of using insect-behavioural responses as solutions, that are far more superior than conventional approaches.

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Who are we and what we do:

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Biosensor for detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) & early-diagnosis of diseases

A chip with insect odour receptors, integrated with machine learning for fingerprinting VOCs

Insect Behavioural Research

Tools for training & monitoring behaviour of insects 

Mission & Vision:

Mission & Vision:

Our mission is to translate research on the behaviour and molecular biology of insects into realisable solutions, that could be used for the betterment of mankind.

InsectSense has a vision to be an industry-leader in the field of insect-based innovative solutions. We believe that our technical expertise and competency will enable us to excel and prosper in this yet vastly unexplored opportunity.

InsectSense was established as a company to bring in innovative diagnostic solutions during the global Covid-19 pandemic. However, since its inception we have recognized its immense potential in bringing value to other industries as well; such as food, environmental, pharma and security industries.

Join us in our technological venture and learn how insects can transform your business. Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why insects?

Highly sensitive in detecting VOCs (ppb to ppt). They can learn and differentiate volatiles within few minutes, while the detection can be done within few seconds.

They are also easily accessible. Numerous insects can be trained for volatile detection. 

What are the other advantages of our technology?

Our insect-based solutions offer fast, accurate, precise and non-invasive detection/diagnosis. Our devices are portable, and offer point-of-care services as well. 

How is it better than conventional approaches?

In case of disease-diagnostics, a reliable result is often based on ‘PCR’ analysis. This requires a laboratory setting that requires other essential components to conduct assays (such as reagents, machines, glasswares, etc.)

In case of other industries, artificial sensors (electric noses) are far less sensitive in detecting compounds from a complex mixture of gases. Gas chromatography is highly sensitive, however, requires a laboratory setting along with the purchase and use of expensive equipment as well.

Our devices are portable and require almost no other additional component for its functionality.

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Advantages of InsectSense Technology

Faster, accurate, portable, point-of-care devices for non-invasive detection of VOCs present in extremely low quantities in the environment. Our technology can detect volatiles in a matter of few seconds. Detection of unknown compounds also gives our technology an advantage in diagnosing novel diseases, such as COVID-19. Insect-behavioural training systems have tremendous potential in helping entomological researches as well.
InsectSense continues to strive for excellence in the field of insect-behavioural based technological solutions. We are actively looking for collaboration and partnerships for research and development of our products, and to bring in next-generation diagnostic solutions to the market. Contact us for more details and for exploring the possibilities of joint collaborations.

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